Technical Service

Hunan Zhonggong Mining Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

Our company has a special after-sales service department, which is composed of professional engineers, workers and technicians, and is responsible for the after-sales service of the company's products. To provide users with high-quality, timely and thoughtful after-sales service to solve their worries. The service measures promised by our company are as follows:

Beneficiation test

Beneficiation Test

The company can conduct experimental research on the beneficiation process of non-ferrous and non-metallic ores. It includes laboratory small scale test, expanded beneficiation test, technical transformation of existing concentrator and beneficiation test consulting services. The detailed conditional test can provide reliable test results and equipment selection basis for customers.

Flotation Column Process Design

The project responsible team of the Company shall timely provide the user and the entrusted design institute with the required design data, including equipment general assembly drawing, foundation drawing, electrical wiring diagram, etc; We assign professional technicians to follow up and communicate with the design institute in a timely manner to ensure that the accurate configuration of the on-site process system, electrical control and automatic control meet the process requirements.

Flotation column process design
Equipment Selection

Equipment Selection

According to the production data and slurry flow chart of the concentrator provided by the customer, our professionals provide the customer with appropriate equipment selection scheme.

Installation And Commissioning

The company has a professional technical service team, responsible for the on-site installation and commissioning of the company's products; During the equipment installation, our company will assign professional technicians to the site for guidance to ensure the correct installation and normal operation of the equipment, and a professional mineral processing engineer will conduct on-site commissioning to ensure that the production and operation indicators of the on-site equipment meet the requirements of the owner.

Installation and commissioning