Mineral Processing Knowledge

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Our company has domestic well-known mining equipment experts, mineral processing technology leaders, and chief designers of the design institute. With strong technical force, we can provide technical support for the whole process of comprehensive utilization of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic minerals.

Molybdenum resource reserve distribution and output

The average content of molybdenum in the crust is about 0.00011%. There are about 20 kinds of molybdenum ores found, among which molybdenite is the most valuable one, followed by tungsten phase calcium ore, iron platinum ore, color molybdenum lead ore, platinum copper ore, etc. According to the data released by the US Geological Survey in 2015, the global molybdenum resource reserves are about 11 million tons, and the proven reserves are about 19.4 million tons



Overview of Graphite Ore Flotation

Graphite mainly refers to natural graphite, which is a non-metallic mineral formed under specific high-temperature reduction conditions of carbon element, and is most commonly found in marble, schist and gneiss



Deep sea mineral - manganese nodule

The ocean floor is rich in mineral resources, and manganese nodules are one of them. It contains more than 30 kinds of metal elements, among which manganese, copper, cobalt and nickel are the most valuable for commercial development.



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