The State Council: Revise five mining related laws and regulations including the abolition of mining rights

Recently, marked by Premier Li Keqiang's signing of State Council Decree No. 676 and the promulgation of the Decision of the State Council on Amending and Abolishing Some Administrative Regulations, various state departments have successively promoted relevant activities of "streamlining administration and delegating power, combining decentralization with management, and optimizing service reform" in accordance with the law, and revised and abolished laws and regulations in various fields. Today, let's take an inventory of the recently revised mining related laws and regulations.
1、 Cancellation of registration of change in production scale of mining right
On March 14, the Ministry of Land and Resources issued a notice amending Article 25 of the Notice on Further Improving the Registration and Administration of Mining Rights as follows:
In case of application for change of main mining minerals, relevant reserve review and filing documents shall be submitted, and the reviewed and approved mineral resources development and utilization plan and environmental impact assessment report shall be submitted as required.
Among them, if the high-risk minerals are changed to low-risk minerals, the price of mining rights shall also be paid; If it is changed to a mineral type (gold, tungsten, tin, antimony, ionic rare earth ore) subject to the national total mining volume control, it shall also comply with the relevant national macro-control regulations and the requirements for total mining volume control, and shall be demonstrated and approved by experts without objection.
Where an application for changing the name of a mine is made, relevant supporting documents shall be submitted.
The mining right holder shall apply to the registration administration organ for change registration within the validity period of the mining license.
This amendment cancels the administrative examination and approval items for the registration of changes in the production scale of mining rights. In the past three years, the State Council has approved the cancellation of nine mining rights approval items, including the cancellation of the threshold restrictions on the registered capital of the applicant's enterprises in the approval and registration of mining rights, the relaxation of market access conditions, and the further stimulation of market vitality and development momentum.
2、 Total amount control of rare earth ore and tungsten ore mining
Recently, in order to protect and reasonably develop superior mineral resources, the Ministry of Land and Resources issued a notice that in 2017, the total mining volume of rare earth mines and tungsten mines will be controlled. According to the actual needs, the total amount control indicators for rare earth and tungsten mining in 2017 were issued in two batches.
In 2017, the total mining volume control index of the first batch of rare earth ores (rare earth oxide REO, the same below) in China was 52500 tons, including 8950 tons of ionic type (mainly medium and heavy rare earth) rare earth ores and 43550 tons of rock type (light) rare earth ores.
In 2017, the total mining volume control index of the first batch of tungsten concentrate (tungsten trioxide content 65%, the same below) in China was 45650 tons, including 36550 tons of main mining index and 9100 tons of comprehensive utilization index.
The control index of the annual total mining volume will be issued in the second quarter in due time according to the relevant national policies and market changes.