Ninghua Xingluokeng Tungsten Mine Co., Ltd. signed a flotation column procurement contract with our company

On February 2, 2015, Ninghua Xingluokeng Tungsten Mine Co., Ltd., a mining enterprise under Xiamen Tungsten Industry Group, signed a flotation column equipment procurement contract with our company. The flotation column purchased this time is mainly used for the technical transformation project of the concentrator. The flotation machine process originally used on the site was one coarse, one fine and three sweeps. After the transformation, the flotation column process is one coarse and three sweeps. The grade of raw ore tungsten is 0.15%~0.18%. After the flotation column separation, the grade of concentrate WO3 is increased from 14%~15% to 15%~18%, and the recovery rate is increased by about 9%.
Ninghua Xingluokeng Tungsten Mine Co., Ltd. was established in May 2004, and the main project was completed and put into commissioning on August 1, 2007. Ninghua Xingluokeng Tungsten Mine is located in Hucun Town, Ninghua County. The deposit is large, with WO3 reserves of 300000 tons; The mining grade is low, only 0.21%; Black and white tungsten coexist in the ore, so it is difficult to beneficiate. Relying on the breakthrough of smelting technology in Xiamen Tungsten Industry and the extensive use of new processes, new technologies and new equipment in mining and dressing operations, the Company has enabled the large-scale development and utilization of the mine. The total investment of the first phase project of the mine is 380 million yuan, mainly mining surface weathered ores, with an annual output of about 2600 tons of tungsten concentrate. Next, primary ore will be mined, with an annual output of 4000 tons of various grades of tungsten concentrate and 200 tons of molybdenum concentrate. It is estimated that the annual output value can reach nearly 400 million yuan.