Nanjing Yinmao Lead Zinc Mining Co., Ltd. purchased our flotation column again

On November 10, 2015, Nanjing Yinmao Lead Zinc Mining Co., Ltd. signed a flotation column purchase contract with our company to purchase flotation column equipment developed and manufactured by our company again. The specifications and models of flotation columns purchased are:Ø 3.0× 10m andØ 1.5× 8m, used for lead and zinc flotation in Nanjing Yinmao Lead Zinc Ore Dressing Plant.



ZGF-I microbubble countercurrent contact flotation column independently developed by our company adopts spray gun microbubble generator with independent intellectual property rights, which has good foaming effect, is not easy to block, and can be replaced with current carrying. The intelligent tailing regulating valve is made of special materials, with good regulation performance and long service life. The re cooperation between Nanjing Yinmao Lead Zinc Mining Co., Ltd. and our company is the recognition and affirmation of our flotation column equipment, which also increases our confidence in the research and development of flotation column equipment. We will also repay our customers' trust and support with better products.

At present, our company has organized a professional project team to ensure that the equipment is completed on schedule, and the technical proposal and equipment production involved in the project are being carried out in an orderly manner.