The installation and commissioning of zinc flotation column in Nanjing Yinmao Lead Zinc Mining Co., Ltd. were successfully completed

The equipment installation, operation and commissioning of the zinc flotation column of Nanjing Yinmao Lead Zinc Mining Co., Ltd. have been successfully completed. The flotation column purchased by the company is designed and manufactured by Hunan Zhonggong Mining Co., Ltd. The specifications and models of the two flotation columns are respectively Ø 3.0 × 10m and Ø 1.5 × 8m, used for zinc roughing and fine separation section. With the joint efforts of our technicians and the owner, after three days of intensive commissioning, the flotation column is in stable operation, with good beneficiation indicators and significant energy-saving effect.


The ZGF-I flotation column independently developed by Hunan Zhonggong Mining is a micro bubble countercurrent contact flotation column, which has the advantages of high beneficiation efficiency, low operating cost, low energy consumption, high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, less floor area and infrastructure investment. At present, more than 400 sets of equipment are used in the market, serving customers including China Minmetals, Xiamen Tungsten, Luoyang Molybdenum, Jinduicheng Molybdenum and other first-class mining enterprises.



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