The resource utilization technology of aluminum fly ash in China has reached the international leading level

On April 22, 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China entrusted the China Recycling Economy Association to organize experts in Beijing to conduct a comprehensive evaluation on the high alumina fly ash annual output of 200000 tons of alumina demonstration project independently developed by China Datang Group and its recycling industry chain.
The evaluation expert group is composed of Peng Suping, Academician of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), Zhang Guocheng, Academician of Beijing General Academy of Nonferrous Metals Research, Chen Wankun, former Chief Engineer of Great Wall Aluminum Company, professor level senior engineer, and professors and experts from famous universities and research institutions in China. Wang Wenyuan, the director of the Resource Comprehensive Utilization Division of the Energy Conservation Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Luo Xiaoli, the deputy director, Chen Yanhai, the executive vice president of China Circular Economy Association, Zhang De, the deputy director of the Economic and Information Technology Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Cai Weimin, the director of the Resources and Environment Division, and relevant leaders of Datang Group attended the meeting.
This evaluation includes two links: on-site inspection and conference evaluation. On April 19, 2017, China Recycling Economy Association organized experts to Tokto Industrial Park, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, to conduct a detailed investigation and communication on the whole process of alumina production with fly ash and enterprises related to the recycling industry chain, and formed the investigation conclusion; At the evaluation meeting on the 22nd, Sun Junmin, director of the National Energy High Aluminum Coal Resources Development and Utilization Key Laboratory, reported the relevant technology and industrialization achievements on behalf of the completion unit. After careful discussion and questioning by experts, the final evaluation conclusion was formed.
According to the evaluation of the expert group, the extraction of alumina from fly ash is a worldwide problem, and there is no precedent for reference at home and abroad. Through long-term pioneering research and industrial demonstration, a series of inventions and innovations have been made in the aspects of phase separation of sinter, reaction enhancement, nucleation regulation, secondary reaction control, project amplification and complete set, and the technology of multi production of alumina from high alumina fly ash has been overcome; It has broken through the traditional idea of fly ash utilization, independently developed the "pre desilication alkali lime sintering method" fly ash extraction aluminum oxide polygeneration process technology, built the world's first fly ash annual output of 200000 tons of aluminum oxide polygeneration demonstration production line, which has been running for six consecutive years, with stable process, advanced technology, good reproducibility, and reasonable economic indicators, It has met the index requirements of the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Development and Utilization of High alumina Fly Ash issued by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2011; With the extraction of aluminum oxide from high alumina fly ash as the core, more than ten upstream and downstream products have been developed, including metallurgical grade aluminum oxide, aluminum hydroxide, metal aluminum, aluminum alloy wheels, active calcium silicate, molecular sieve, cultural paper filler, light calcium silicate insulation materials, permeable bricks, medium density calcium silicate boards, subgrade cementitious materials, and metal gallium, It has formed a circular economy industrial chain of high alumina fly ash aluminum oxide electrolytic aluminum aluminum alloy and products calcium silicate by-product deep processing, which has good economic benefits and significant social and environmental benefits, has played an important role in promoting and demonstrating the use of high alumina fly ash, and has significantly improved the market competitiveness of products related to the circular industry chain; The successful operation of the project provides an important guarantee for China's aluminum resources, and plays an important role in improving the circular economy industry chain and promoting regional economic development.
According to the comprehensive evaluation, "the overall technology of this achievement is mature, reaching the international leading level, with significant resource conservation and environmental benefits, and has industrial promotion value."
China is the largest aluminum producer and consumer in the world. At present, the output of aluminum oxide and electrolytic aluminum is more than 50% of the world. However, the identified bauxite resource reserves are 3.2 billion tons, and the resource guarantee period is only about 20 years, which is far from meeting the needs of the sustainable development of aluminum industry. At present, the external dependence of aluminum resources in China has exceeded 50%. However, the proven reserves of high alumina coal in China reach 31.9 billion tons, of which the reserves of high alumina fly ash reach more than 9 billion tons, which can extend the guarantee period of aluminum resources in China by 50-60 years.
The breakthrough in the core technology of extracting alumina from fly ash and the industrial chain of recycling high alumina coal resources formed by the upstream and downstream products have strongly promoted the scientific and technological progress and industrial upgrading of the clean and efficient utilization of China's coal resources, which is of great strategic significance to alleviate the shortage of aluminum resources and primary wood pulp resources in China, optimize the layout of China's energy and aluminum industries, and develop regional circular economy.