In 2016, Zhuxi Tungsten Mine in Jiangxi Province was the most discovered in China

In the past 2016, China's mineral exploration has reported many good news, including 10 major discoveries, each of which is enough to shock the world. These mines will promote the development and prosperity of mining industry and further consolidate China's position as a large country of mineral resources

1、 Zhuxi Tungsten Resources in Jiangxi Province Set a New World Record



On January 5, the Department of Land and Resources of Jiangxi Province announced that geological workers in Jiangxi Province had found a super large tungsten copper deposit - Zhuxi tungsten copper deposit in Fuliang County. The resource of 333+334 tungsten trioxide is 2.86 million tons, which has once again set the world record for tungsten ore resources, becoming the largest tungsten copper deposit ever found in the world. Its resource amount is 2.7 times that of Dahutang tungsten mine, the largest tungsten mine in the world. This is another world-class super large tungsten copper deposit discovered in Jiangxi Province after the discovery of the Dahutang super large tungsten deposit in northern Jiangxi

2、 192 million tons of Asia's largest manganese ore discovered in Guizhou



In late January, it was reported that the 103 Geological Brigade of Guizhou Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources had found three new super large manganese deposits in the mountains connecting Songtao Autonomous County and Jiangkou. Among them, Pujue (integrated) super large manganese deposit has 192 million tons of newly proved manganese resources, ranking first in Asia

Guan geological experts said that after the discovery of the mineral deposits, Tongren City has the largest manganese mineral resources in the country and has entered the forefront of the world. The insiders believe that the discovery of new super large manganese deposits will provide a strong resource guarantee for Guizhou to build the most important manganese and processing industry base in the country and the national poverty alleviation in Wuling Mountain Area

3、 Sichuan spodumene super large mine: valued at 387.6 billion



On January 27, chinanews. com reported that the proven resource reserves of the methylkalspodumene mining area at the junction of Kangding, Yajiang and Daofu counties (cities) in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province reached 1.8877 million tons. According to the analysis and assessment of relevant professional institutions, the resource prospect of methylkalspodumene is expected to exceed 3 million tons. The 35.96 square kilometer spodumene mining area at the junction of Kangding, Yajiang and Daofu has been upgraded to a national level integrated exploration area

The initial estimate of lithium metal in the methylkalspodumene mine in Garze Tibetan area is 387.6 billion yuan, including 66000 tons of isotope lithium 6 (6Li), equivalent to 242.88 billion tons of standard coal, accounting for 29% of the world's total proven recoverable coal reserves (826 billion tons). It is reported that Garze Prefecture will develop Garze spodumene mine by stages according to the development plan

4、 The first deep brine potash deposit discovered in Qinghai



On July 21, the deep brine potassium exploration project invested by the Central Geological Exploration Fund - the general survey of Dalangtan deep brine potassium mine in the northeast of Mangya Town, Qinghai Province and the pre inspection project of Kunte deep brine potassium mine in Lenghu Town, Qinghai Province passed the expert review and acceptance. So far, China's first deep brine potassium deposit has emerged. The general survey project of deep brine potassium mine in Dalangtan has preliminarily identified 333+334 potassium chloride 156.37 million tons within 200m~1500m underground, which is equivalent to 15% of the proven reserves in Qaidam Basin, and the average grade of potassium chloride is 0.5%

5、 A 100 billion ton super large rock salt mine was discovered in Yan'an, Shaanxi



In August, the Department of Land and Resources of Shaanxi Province released a news that, in the strategic action of mineral exploration breakthrough, a super large rock salt mine was found in Yan'an for the first time, with the newly increased rock salt ore resources of 111.3 billion tons, equivalent to the scale of 90 large rock salt deposits, which is the largest single reserves among the proven rock salt deposits in China, filling the blank of non rock salt mines in Yan'an. According to the preliminary assessment by relevant experts, its potential economic value exceeds 4 trillion yuan

6、 The Largest Crystalline Graphite Monomer Ore Found in Inner Mongolia



In September, after reporting to the Department of Land and Resources of Inner Mongolia for filing, the 2008 Nuclear Industry Brigade found the largest crystalline graphite monomer ore in China in Gaoletu mining area, Urat Middle Banner, Inner Mongolia. The amount of crystalline graphite ore resources is 315.9572 million tons, the amount of minerals (fixed carbon) is 15.8088 million tons, and the average grade (fixed carbon) is 5%, all of which are new mineral resources. The ore body is 2100 meters long and the maximum controlled extension depth is 703 meters. The ore is crystalline graphite mica schist. At present, Inner Mongolia Jincai Mining Co., Ltd. has its exploration right

7、 A super large bauxite with reserves of more than 100 million tons was discovered in Guizhou



In September, it was learned from Guizhou Nonferrous Metals and Nuclear Industry Geological Exploration Bureau that a super large bauxite deposit with a reserve of more than 100 million tons was discovered in Daozhen Autonomous County, which is another super large bauxite deposit discovered in Guizhou Province in the past 30 years. Experts estimate that the potential economic value of the deposit is about 20 billion yuan

8、 World class super large lead-zinc ore discovered in Xinjiang



On September 25, the Xinjiang Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources announced that after six years of exploration and evaluation, the eighth geological team of the Xinjiang Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources found a world-class super large lead-zinc mine with resource reserves of nearly 19 million tons in Huoshaoyun area in Hotan County, Hotan Prefecture, Xinjiang, which is also the largest lead-zinc mine with resource reserves in China. Among them, the reserves available for industrial exploitation reached 18.8737 million tons, accounting for 99.6% of the total reserves

9、 Large niobium deposit of over 1 million tons discovered in Hubei



In November, it was learned from the Department of Land and Resources of Hubei Province that the pre survey project of niobium polymetallic ore in Yanwugou Qingyangou area of Zhuxi County invested by the Hubei Provincial Geological Prospecting Fund has made a breakthrough in prospecting, and the predicted amount of niobium ore resources is more than 1 million tons, reaching a large scale or above. The project is undertaken by the Hubei Provincial Geological Survey Institute. The 11 exploration trenches that have been implemented have all seen industrial ore bodies with a thickness of 17.49m~143.47m. The apparent thickness of one completed borehole has reached 129.14m

10、 China's first ten million ton copper deposit appears in Tibet



In December, the Science and Technology Daily reported that Chinalco Mineral Resources Company had made a detailed survey of Rongna and Naruo mining areas in Tiegelongnan mining area, Gaize County, Ali Prefecture, Tibet, and found that a total of 13.492 million tons of copper metal was found here, and 332 grade metal accounted for more than 70% of the total

In addition, more than 7 million tons of copper metal have been detected in the two mining areas of Duobuzao and Bolong before, and the copper metal amount in the whole ore concentration area has exceeded 20 million tons. As a result, Duolong Mine Cluster has become the first world-class super copper mine cluster in China, ranking 25th in the ranking of world-class super copper mines