China's first world-class super large copper mine "appears"

The reporter learned from Chinalco Mineral Resources Company a few days ago that the two detailed survey projects of Rongna Ore Block and Naruo Ore Block in Tiegelongnan Mining Area, Gaize County, Ali Prefecture, Tibet, organized and implemented by the company were reviewed and recognized by the Beijing China Mining Federation Consulting Center, and the total copper metal amount was 13.492 million tons, and the 332 level metal amount accounted for more than 70% of the total.
"While 13492000 tons of copper metal was submitted, 119.5 tons of associated gold and 3482.7 tons of associated silver were also submitted for the two detailed survey projects." Wang Dongsheng, general manager of Chinalco Mineral Resources Company, told reporters that, up to now, the exploration work has confirmed that the ore bodies of Rongna and Naruo projects are not trapped. Although the drilling project has encountered a copper mine more than 800 meters thick, it has not penetrated the ore body, and the deep boundary of the ore body has not been determined. This shows that there is still a huge space for further expansion of resources in Duolong Mine Cluster.
More than 7 million tons of copper metal have been detected in Duobuzao and Bolong mining areas, and the copper metal in the whole ore concentration area has exceeded 20 million tons. Relevant data show that there were 24 world-class super copper mines with copper reserves of more than 20 million tons in the world. The completion of reserves review in Chinalco Rongna and Naruo mining areas means that Duolong Mine Cluster has become the first world-class super copper mine cluster in China, ranking 25th in the ranking of world-class super copper mines. The breakthrough in prospecting in Duolong ore concentration area proves that China has not only world-class large mines, but also world-class super large mines.