New data of Asia's first graphite ore exploration: reserves exceed 1 billion tons

Recently, the Hegang Municipal Government of Heilongjiang Province announced that, after nearly four years of exploration and scientific calculation, it has been preliminarily proved that the Yunshan Graphite Mine in Luobei, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province, with the largest graphite reserves in Asia, has reached 1.026 billion tons.
As a special material, graphite is widely used in aerospace, electronics, metallurgy, mechanical processing and other fields. According to the previous statistics, Heilongjiang Province's graphite reserves account for 64% of China's and 45% of the world's.
Luobei County is rich in graphite resources. It is the largest graphite ore enrichment area in China and famous as the "Capital of Graphite". The Yunshan Graphite Mine in Luobei County is located in Yunshan Town, Luobei County, Hegang City, eastern Heilongjiang Province. The graphite processing technology in the mine area is advanced and the facilities are perfect, which has unique advantages for the production and transportation of graphite.
Since its establishment in 1959, the Sixth Geological Survey Institute of Heilongjiang Province has carried out geological survey in this area and found Yunshan graphite mineralization point. In 1984, it submitted 636 million tons of Yunshan graphite ore, which is a super large graphite deposit and ranks first in Asia in terms of graphite reserves.
After the survey in recent years, the project team of the Sixth Geological Survey Institute of Heilongjiang Province has found out the inventory status, quantity, spatial distribution, ore quality, mining technical conditions and ore processing technical performance of Yunshan graphite mine. The proved reserves have reached 1026 million tons. A detailed control report has also been formed, which provides a basis for the next mining and planning.